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MAGIC SOAP/AURA CLEANSING SPELL SOAP/LUXURIOUS FEEL Cleopatra Jam soap prep skin for Exfoliation Rich in Vitamin E

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Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap

Cleopatra Jam soap prep skin for Exfoliation Rich in Vitamin E
Rich scent of Eucalyptus and Lavender

Cleopatra Jam soap. Scented with eucalyptus and lavender essential oil and naturally rich in vitamin E, this gel-like soap is made from saponified olive oil and can be used as a cleansing treatment or body masque for ultra-soft skin.

Naturally rich in vitamin E
Cleopatra Jam soap
Use as a cleansing soap or full body masque to soften skin prior to exfoliation with the body washcloths or brushes
Scented with eucalyptus essential and lavender oil

Macadamia Nut Oil Organic

Calendula Flower Oil Organic

Sea Buckthorn Oil Organic

Pumpkin Seed Organic

Almond Sweet Organic

Ricebran Carrier Organic

Rosehip Carrier Oil Organic

Walnut Carrier Oil Organic

Avocado oil Organic, 

coconut oil Organic, 

cocoa oil Organic,

shea oil Organic,

grape seed oil Organic, 

Calendula Flower Oil Organic 

castor oil oil Organic,

Vitamin E

16 reviews for MAGIC SOAP/AURA CLEANSING SPELL SOAP/LUXURIOUS FEEL Cleopatra Jam soap prep skin for Exfoliation Rich in Vitamin E

  1. Ebony

    First the price is awesome but the product is superb stuff. I live in Las Vegas where it is very dry but after I use the this soap my skin literally feels like I have lotion on already. Super soft, clean, and moisturizing!!!

  2. Carolina Griffith

    I have tried many soaps from around . I can say this is the highest quality soap I have used. I don’t even feel the need to use Argan oil as often as I was before. You will feel a difference from the first time using it. It continues to be the most luxurious item I can find. I just traveled in a few cities and the smell from the this soaps doesn’t compare to this luxurious soap.

  3. Klara

    I will be buying this soap again before I run out and plan on giving it as gifts.

  4. Lora

    The product is great. I love this. When you get this, your skin will tell you reasons why. This is authentic one. And reasonable because of big amount. I split this to my own jars to use. Communications and service is very good also. I trust this company and going to keep shopping from them.

  5. Fatima

    Very good product.

  6. KLeger

    Love this soap like texture and the results! This soap cleanses my skin leaving it very smooth. I left it on a few minutes in a hot shower, rinsed off then used my loofah hand towel rubbing in a circular direction towards the heart, similar to how I do a dry brush. I in love in this soap. Thank You

  7. Zui

    I’m so in love with this soap! Lasts forever and exfoliates so well. Wish I would of discovered it sooner.

  8. Redbean

    Arrived prompt, secure and intact. Thank you after long shift in the hospital, I use my scrub first and second cleanse with this product. I’m in bliss and moisturizers.
    Thank you again.

  9. Galina

    It’s great when you get a great product from a wonderful company that does good things. I have extremely sensitive skin that seems to react to everything so I have to be selective. I have found this soap to be both effective and gentle to my skin.

  10. Mizbling06

    Just want to say thank you to the Aida Rose soap it is an amazing and a good value for money soap.
    In general I have rather dry skin and have to put lotion after every shower in order to keep my skin from flaking but thanks to this soap I no longer have to lotion more that twice a week inspite of having a shower maybe once or even twice a day as we live Houston Texas and the summers here can get muggy and humid.
    Love it love it and can’t say enough nice things about this product. If you do buy the product trust me you will not regret the decision!!

  11. Ana G

    I’m familiar with Aida Rose black tar soap its amaizing but not this new soap. I read up on this soap and decided to purchase. I getting my first order this soap and was impressed. My skin looks bomb lol. It’s clearing up lil marks and smoothing my skin out.
    I really love this soap and will order again. The quality, customer service and price are unbeatable.

  12. Saida

    A gentle exfoliating gel that works well. Delivered ahead of time with no damage or issues.

  13. MamaOfBoys

    Super customer service and a wonderful product. Thank you! I will absolutely be ordering again!

  14. Qureshi

    This soap is the best! I have been trying different kinds and I can say that this soap is definitely a 100 % soap and the price is great!
    I use it for body scrubbing. I will definitely buy it again and I highly recommend it for any one .
    Thank you for giving us such a great product!

  15. Gt

    Very cool product made by lovely women . Love this soap concept

  16. Lana

    I feel so soft after using it. Use with a loofa or something though, as it’s difficult to work into the right lather with only your hands.

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