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Acne Eczema treatment Birch Tar Soap


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Tar Handmade Acne Eczema treatment Soap Problem skin Healing Facial Soap

Skin conditions such as acne and eczema are known to improve when discontinuing the use of commercial soap products which are basically detergents that strip the skin of natural oils. Handmade soaps gently cleanse without irritating, and the naturally helps to moisturize your skin. Also, customers using my soap claim that it is comparable to the effect of Botex, which certainly pleases

Tar soap is successfully used in the treatment of acne, inflammation and purulent eruptions. Great for sensitive and problem skin.

Also, the composition includes almond oil. It perfectly softens the skin and makes it very delicate, regulates the water and lipid balance of the skin, eliminates skin inflammation, slows the aging of cells and activates the process of their regeneration. Almond oil is especially useful for skin irritations. It can eliminate herpes, dermatitis and eczema.

This handmade birch tar soap also contains anise essential oil, therefore soap has fine antiseptic effect.

No added any synthetic colorings or fragrances.

If you are a supporter of natural remedies that do not contain preservatives, animal products, and those that are not tested on animals, then this soap suits you in all respects.

Medical disclaimer: our natural vegan soaps are not intended to replace the services of a professional doctor; simply intended as natural alternative as certain possible treatment. You should check with your doctor if you have any concerns about any ingredients that are listed if need be before using!!
NOTE! Soap have smell like smoky woodsy smell that does not stay on your skin for long. Do not buy if you do not like this smell and do not say that you were not warned about it.

I am happy that my soap has no competitors. I personally use it and the result is amazing. Always going out into the street, people stop me and ask about my facial treatment. And I always have the same answer, I wash my face twice a day, morning and evening with my soap. Thanks to this soap, my skin is young and beautiful.

-contain only the finest ingredients
-contain NO sulfates
-contain NO detergents
-contain NO parabens
-contain NO animal products

Raise the bar when it comes to deep cleansing. Soap is formulated to help detoxify and absorb impurities in skin without drying it out, resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion. Made with a palm-free soap base, the gentle formula can be used daily on the face. After just two weeks of use*:
100% said skin felt deeply cleansed and detoxified
100% agreed skin looked clearer
100% said the appearance of pores was reduced
100% agreed skin looked more glowing and radiant
*Based on a 102-subject consumer perception study after two weeks of use.




Saponified oils: olive (premium), Avocado oil, Rice oil, rosehip oil, coconut, cocoa, shea, grape seed, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Calendula Flower Oil Organic castor oil;  All Oil Organic Birch tar

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15 reviews for Acne Eczema treatment Birch Tar Soap

  1. shirl s jones

    Great texture, lathers decently ( I have slightly hard water ), and has a soothing effect on the skin. I’m plagued by psoriasis on my elbows, it acts up in the winter months. I figured I’d give this old home remedy a try and fortunately it has worked well for me. We are all different so your mileage may vary. This is good soap that does a good job, you will likely notice the strong smell but it dissipates within about 15 min after I exit the shower, best of luck.

  2. deffensp

    This stuff is great. but you need to know what you are buying. With 20% tar, it smells/you smell/the whole bathroom smells like you have spent the entire weekend in the same clothes sitting around the campfire.
    If this is your first experience with tar, you may be shocked. However, if you are familiar with what it is and what it smells like, this is an excellent choice. In other words, this is tar soap for tar soap users.

  3. ww27

    When I was around 37 I entered a phase of life that includes sensitive skin that reacts with a rash to just about everything. Too much sun – horrible burn and itchy rash. Too much winter cold – itchy, flaky eczema. Fabric softeners, detergents, girly soaps, wool clothing, hot showers, forget about it. I’ve had limited success with prescription creams and allergy pills, and I’ve spent a fortune on OTC remedies. My mom used a tar soap as shampoo when I was a kid so I asked her what that was for and learned about how useful this can be for dandruff which I don’t have (yet) and itchy, sensitive bad skin. I ordered this soap based on reviews. I was not happy at first. My bathroom smells like campfire smoke, and the water runs off your body the color of coffee. That said, it’s not staining my tub or my white towels. I’m getting used to the smell and it doesn’t linger on my skin at all. And it’s working! I’ve been washing up with this soap daily for over a week and I’ve had no skin reactions. I’ll definitely continue to buy this Soap.

  4. Cami

    I bought this product about 6 months ago, when I noticed that it was time to take care of my skin. All I can say is that within weeks my acne had disappeared and my face remained clear throughout the months. This product does not dry my face up, cause breakouts, or use harsh ingredients for my skin. I would give this product a 10/10. At first I wasn’t too sure about spending the money on it, but after using it and receiving countless compliments, I know I will repurchase this once I run out.

  5. Shariya T.

    This Soap is amazing. I’m 7 months pregnant and I have eczema and my little bundle has made my eczema flare more than it ever has. I used the soap once so far and all of the damage skin is just falling off. I haven’t felt this good about my skin in a very long time I feel so grateful. I would attach pictures but I doubt would let me publish them. But I will give it a try anyway.

  6. josh

    I have been using this specific soap for awhile now. It is the only soap I use, it has replaced all my other soaps. The smell is great, it’s a strong smokey smell. It makes the bathroom smell like campfire and leather. The smell does fade dramatically after you rinse it off, mixes well with colognes. My skin is clear, any acne inhaled is gone, eczema has cleared up, and my surgical scars are fading. I highly recommend this soap

  7. Baudacious


  8. Pat Shannon

    This soap is remarkable. I have been dealing with psoriasis for years. Could never take a shower without ooddlles of body cream. The first time I used this soap my skin felt better than ever. Saving lots of money on body lotions. Thank you. It smells terrible when using it but it dissipates quickly. Love,love,love this soap. I even used it on my head as I also have scalp psoriasis. Leaves hair clean and manageable. NO ITCHING, thank you

  9. J Humiston

    This is some powerful soap. I love the smell, which is like the soap equivalent to the taste of scotch. It smells like fire, leather and old things. It definitely has the strength to smell up the bathroom and not just when you take a shower. Just the presence of the bar is pretty noticeable from within a three or four foot radius, so if you don’t like the smell I imagine you really won’t like the soap. It retains the scent throughout the bar. The bar itself wears down slightly slower than an average artisan bar of its size but right around average. It has a nice lather and feels more waxy than oily. It is a smooth soap, without any coarse elements. It isn’t the easiest soap to rinse off; which I like, but once you rinse it off you feel real clean. The scent lightly lingers on the skin in what I would consider to be a very pleasant manner. I kinda love this soap.

  10. Becca

    The only reason I decided to try this soap is I was looking for something with a strong scent – it is that, very woodsy and smoky. Surprisingly though, I’ve found I love it for a completely different reason.
    It is wonderful for your skin! I use this on my face and hardly even need any type of moisturizer. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an anti-aging beauty bar works very well.
    I feel it’s an excellent value for the money. I plan to continue buying.

  11. David Morgan

    Smells like I have been out camping in a tar forest, which made wife say it makes me smell like I have been out camping with a tar wood fire and need to take a shower. Smelling like I have been out camping- super 🙂 ; annoying wife-priceless! ;-))) .

  12. BadlyBent

    It smells like a camp fire, but you don’t walk around all day smelling like a campfire. It has a real strong tar charcoal smell which I really like, the soap is black as coal,. After a shower the scent is in no way overpowering, I have a light scent of smoke and clean smell. For me it’s a great masculine scent. I really like this soap.

  13. Douglas

    I use the tar soap from the Aida Rose Soap company and I really like that.

  14. Таня Пашанова

    Дегтярное мыло от Аиды, которое я открыла для себя, Это бомба!!! Мыло которое помогает и спасает проблемную кожу, избавляет от прыщей, угрей и даже затягивает поры, но при всем при этом совершенно не сушит кожу. Очень рекомендую в комплекте с перчаткой! Аида, спасибо!❤

  15. Ekaterina

    This is a must have if you have issues with your skin. I have been washing my face with this tar soap and the result is absolutely amazing. Love how my skin got so much cleaner and glowing. It has a very nice smell but not too strong. Definitely recommend this soap!

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