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Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap/ AIDA ROSE BAR SOAP DEEP DETOX


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Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap/ AIDA ROSE BAR SOAP DEEP DETOX
Use this easy and effective spell soap to remove negative energy from your aura, leaving you lighter and clean in body and spirit. Simply use it in the shower as a normal soap!


Aida Rose Bar Soap Deep Detox
What are you in the mood for? Turn your shower into the kind of escape you need right now. Whether you want pure peace, an energy boost, a deep detox or some simple nourishment, each naturally derived formula features a trio of nutrient-rich ingredients and a scent that’s sure to set the mood. No parabens. No phthalates. No bad vibes.

The Scent: Sound like a adventure? With a fragrance this fresh, anything’s possible.

Limited Edition

13 reviews for Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap/ AIDA ROSE BAR SOAP DEEP DETOX

  1. Movie Jerks

    Sweet, smooth, and calming smell. A beautiful soap.

  2. Patricia Baranyai

    Not only does Aida make fine soaps, she puts a lot of care into how she packages the order. Wonderful products! Thank you ♥

  3. Angela McAndrews

    I really like this bar for shaving purposes, super moisturizing! Easy to hold, lathers nicely. Very happy!

  4. Veronika

    I ordered few items and everything arrived in a great time. I’m really happy with the things I got!

  5. Tenshi81

    Smells amazing!! It moisturizes really well

  6. Angela McAndrews

    Love this bar, my favorite shaving bar I have found!

  7. Lindel


  8. Serena Wollersheim

    This soap makes me feel clean without feeling dry. It smells very mildly like olive oil. I’m very sensitive to perfumes, so this is perfect.

  9. Pumpkin Spice

    When I showed the soap to my 5 y.o. daughter, she got so excited! Smells beautiful and is an amazing accompaniment to our bathroom! Thank you, Aida!

  10. Kristen

    I am pretty picky about what product’s I use on my skin.I also only use Handmade Soaps and that said this Soap is the absolute best I ever used.This creates an abundance of creamy lather and leaves my skin feeling so moisturized thanks to the bevy of Organic ingredients. The scent is absolutely Amazing and the Artistry is gourgeous! So happy to have come across this wonderful Shop and definitely will be ordering again very soon.Shipping to delivery was fast and packaged perfectly! Thank you so much to Aida the Owner/ and Seller for doing such an impeccable job making such luxurious and high quality Soap!!!! Would rate more than 5 star’s if allowed.

  11. Verlin Adler

    The soap I ordered smell amazing and I was given a small free sample bar of soap! My friends and I will definitely be enjoying these for months, and will be coming back for more!

  12. Alyssa Looney

    Very pleasant experience. The packaging was great and even recieved a small gift from the owner…with some hand written cards. Very sweet. Will order from again for sure.

  13. Taylor

    Absolutely loved soap! Highly recommend!

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