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Royal Anti-Aging Eye Oil.

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Royal Anti-Aging Eye Oil.

Suggested Usage:
-Gently roll onto under-eye area.
-Use fingertips to tap oil into skin.
-Apply in the morning and at night after cleansing .

Which skin type is it good for?
✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

What it is:
An organic eye treatment formulated to smooth, tone, and brighten the eye area for a youthful and radiant appearance — featuring a roller ball applicator to provide a soothing experience, while also passing along the vibration of love to you.

If you want to know more …
The formula softens fine lines and crow’s feet, helps reduce dark undereye circles, firms, and tones skin around the eye for a youthful appearance. It helps support circulation and reduces puffiness to brightens skin around the eye area .

What else you need to know:
“This eye oil makes me look like I had a full 8 hours of rest the night before — even if I didn’t! The roller ball feels so soothing and uplifting around my eyes.” – Mira B.

10 ml


Macadamia Nut Oil Organic

Calendula Flower Oil Organic

Sea Buckthorn Oil Organic

Pumpkin Seed Organic

Almond Sweet Organic

Ricebran Carrier Organic

Rosehip Carrier Oil Organic

Walnut Carrier Oil Organic

Avocado oil Organic, 

coconut oil Organic, 

cocoa oil Organic,

shea oil Organic,

grape seed oil Organic, 

Calendula Flower Oil Organic 

castor oil oil Organic,

14 reviews for Royal Anti-Aging Eye Oil.

  1. Dinanyc

    I hit my 50’s and YIKES! After 2 mos of use (at night under my retinol eye cream) – SUCH a difference! Less crepeiness, line softening and brighter!! This is a Holy Grail item in my regimen. My roller / applicator worked fine (?) Tip: W/first use, tip upside down on hand & let product fully saturate the ball then start rolling …

  2. Tangie18

    I loveeeee this.I’ve used for a few weeks now and have no issue with the product dispenser. I think the design is ingenious- I absolutely hate using jars, and even better that I don’t need my fingers to rub in either! I roll all over my eye and have zero sensitivity. Love love it. Also great to top off my chapstick for extra lip hydration.

  3. Rima

    love it! Does exactly what it says it will- dull skin around my eyes became radiant

  4. Bella65

    Love Love Love Love this product I’m so glad I was introduced to it. I have the issue of having oily skin so my foundation and primers have a drying effect but as the day wears on my undereye area would become cracked and it would really age me by exaggerating the issue. I carry this in my purse and apply it once I notice that happening. I don’t apply it under my eye makeup. I only need a small drop and my eyes look refreshed and more youthful. I’ve been using this for over a year and the bottle is still more than half full.

  5. McKatya

    I started using the Eye Oil about three months ago and im now obsessed. I’ve noticed that my eye area is much more hydrated and radiant. I’ve received many compliments about my “natural glow” and I owe it all to this product. The oil is feels super light and looks great under makeup. I’m about half way through my current bottle and will repurchase soon.

  6. Toma

    I have really dry under eyes that can look crepey. I also suffer from milia if I use products that are too thick. So it has been challenging to find an eye product that I feel moisturizes my under eyes without making them look worse. I was hesitant that this oil was going to be too heavy, but it is beautifully lightweight and sinks in quickly. I also like to use this on my upper eyes/brow bone/eye lids. Despite using this all around my eyes on a near daily basis in both the AM & PM, it has taken me about a year to go through a bottle. I will definitely be repurchasing and highly recommend!

  7. Zoy

    I would recommend this product to anyone! This is my second time purchasing this eye oil. I loved the first one a lot, that I bought another one. I did see results with my eye area being brightened & reducing puffiness (especially if you have those late nights and early mornings), keeping it toned & smooth.

  8. Msmichel82

    This is a great product, would recommend!

  9. Nina

    I bought this product 1 week back when i was looking for something to deal with my dry under eye area and eyelids. I also have dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. One of my frend suggested trye Aida Rose product and I thought to give it a try. This formula is so good that i have noticed reduced visible fine lines and this is a absolute solution for dryness. I use it daily AM and PM. A little bit of product goes a long way so don’t worry about buying again as it can go up-to months. Overall my experience with this product is quit satisfying and it is worth the price.

  10. Galina

    I have always used creams under my eyes, which shows some wrinkles due to dryness and my age. I had read positive reviews of this eye oil from older users and am glad I tried it. After a few days of use, I looked in the mirror and was thinking how nice my eyes looked. The skin was visibly smoother and firmer than a few days before. It must be the eye oil since I haven’t changed anything else about my skin care or make up. I smooth the roller ball under my eyes am and pm, then pat the oil into the skin. Primer and make up apply easily and smoothly. I have never before used an oil on my face and am pleased with the results so far. I may attempt the face oil in the future based on my experience with Aida Rose eye oil.

  11. Klara

    I received this as a sample from Aida Rose couple months ago and loved it. I always like to have few products as a back up. This has really brightened my slight dark eyes and leaves it soft.

  12. AZimi17

    LOVE this product LOVE this product. I’ve bought it for my whole family too and switched everyone over to this oil rather than gels or creams that clog up pores around your eyes.
    I’ve purchased this 3 times now and have never had issues with it. You initially need to roll it on your hand so that oil gets around the ball and then it glides along smoothly from there. I use it every morning and at night. It’s light, absorbs well and has reduced my crows feet wrinkles drastically! Also does not give me milia like so many other heavy eye creams have. ALSO, this product lasts me at least 7-8 months each purchase so it’s well worth the price :). Highly recommend!

  13. Faina

    Love this oil! The applicator dispenses the perfect amount, and it goes on cool. My under eye is brighter and skin is smoother after only a 1 day of use. Love, love, love!

  14. Andie

    I love this product, I have no issue with the dispensing of the product and I actually love roller design, I don’t have to put my fingers in a jar. I’ve noticed a difference in my under eye area after a night of use and it lasts a long time.

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