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Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap


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Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap – Use this easy and effective spell soap to remove negative energy from your aura, leaving you lighter and clean in body and spirit. Simply use it in the shower as a normal soap!


LUXURY BATH SOAP BY AIDA ROSE №7: Make your bathing ritual more indulgent with this long-lasting soap. Our soaps contain glycerin to lock in moisture & ensure softness & hydration after each bathing experience.
FRESH & FLORAL: Soothing and moisturizing, with a fresh floral scent, our №7 Soap is the ideal way to start your morning or unwind after a long day.
Our bath soaps are plant-based, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.
GREAT FOR GIFTING: Wrapped in premium gift packaging, our luxury soaps make great gifts for a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion.
Luxurious Lather
Soap №7 build a beautiful lather that washes away easily and leaves skin fresh and smooth

11 reviews for Magic Soap/Aura Cleansing Spell Soap

  1. Ebony Williams


  2. Felicia Simmo



    Highly recommended!
    Luv soap! It smells great and feels fresh.

  4. Teresa Villase

    Aida sure knows what she is doing!
    I’m so happy with this soap! It has changed my life. I’ve always had a strong smell down there and now it’s so much better. Ladies! 100% recommended.

  5. Cassandra Fis


  6. Daniela Pulido

    Highly recommended!
    Customer service was quick and helpful, products feel so good on my skin and smell great!

  7. james Harold


  8. Nadia Tasci

    Great product and so beautifully made!

  9. karina allen

    Highly recommended!
    My skin feels amazing! The quality is unbelievable!

  10. Miranda Thompson

    My sister chose to keep this one and she adores the scent. She said it’s unique compared to many scents she already has. It’s also aesthetically pleasing!

  11. Carol Ann Mall


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