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Этот крем разработан для нежной быстро стареющей кожи вокруг глаз и губ . Наше тестирования (в которых принимали участие женщины в возрасте от 35 до 65 лет) показали, что в течение 2-4 недель значительно визуально улучшились места, пораженные морщинами, дряблостью и возрастной сухостью. Через 4 недели у всех женщин, участвующих в эксперименте, количество морщин в среднем уменьшилось на 42%, упругость и эластичность кожи увеличилась в среднем на 36%. И это всего за 4 недели!

distilled rose water, calendula extract, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid solution, chamomile, cucumber distillate, sodium lactate,liquid germall plus,vegetable glycerin,shea butter

Vitamin A,E

Macadamia Nut Oil Organic

Calendula Flower Oil Organic

Sea Buckthorn Oil Organic

Pumpkin Seed Organic

Almond Sweet Organic

Ricebran Carrier Organic

Rosehip Carrier Oil Organic

Walnut Carrier Oil Organic

Avocado oil Organic, 

coconut oil Organic, 

cocoa oil Organic,

shea oil Organic,

grape seed oil Organic, 

Calendula Flower Oil Organic 

castor oil oil Organic,



  1. Mom o’ four

    I love this eye cream! I love the way it smells. It’s so moisturizing!

  2. granzowl

    I received the Aida Rose Eye Cream as a sample when purchasing other products , and I tried it right away…I had very quick results and found the delicate skin under my eyes to appear brighter and less “tired.” I asked for more of this cream as a birthday present and am keeping my fingers crossed that my BFF comes through!

  3. Metrobay

    Amazing product….made my skin feel like silk …love it

  4. andy0303

    i bought it for my friend who said it works very well, i plan to buy next time

  5. geri-liz

    So this eye cream feels great and it’s very hydrating. I’m a fan of Aida Rose the eye cream does leave the eye area smooth and radiant.

  6. Jusheball

    I do love this new eye cream! I I’ve only been using this product for 3 weeks, I love it.

  7. Paintmj8386

    I am really impressed with this product because it really soaks in and softens my eye area.
    My eye area has bags due to multiple jaw surgeries so it can’t fix that, but it sure feels wonderful when applied.

  8. Luna

    Love this eye cream so much. My skin is soothed and hydrated after using the product.

  9. Anonymous

    Best eye cream I’ve ever used.

  10. jonathonm1

    One of the best eye creams on the market! So luxurious and creamy!

  11. ninas66

    This product is so hydrating and I love it Definitely makes you look brighter

  12. kamelynelly

    I truly love this product I feel like it does wonders on your skin . if you want to stick for some thing that you know and you want to support this line this product will do it’s job

  13. Anonymous

    It is the best eye cream i had ever used!Totally love it

  14. sonys3

    This is the most effective, amazing eye cream I have ever used. I saw results after the very first application, and I think it is best! After using this eye cream for a week, the many lines around my eyes–the soft, feathery ones and the deeply etched ones also–smoothed out so that only the deepest wrinkles are visible. roduct is great .

  15. Wenjun

    I always use it at night, it keeps my eyes skin soft:) highly recommend !

  16. svetlana8

    In fact,is the best product , if you really want to see the difference to how you look.

  17. Slava

    This is the best eye cream ever, it is expensive but it is worth it because it shows great results.

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