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AIDA ROSE PERFUME. LOVE STORY/Angel Aura Spell – Radiate Lovable Energy – Perfume For The Soul


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Aida Rose Духи . Love Story

Покупатели знают фирменный запах Аиды . Нет ни одного человека который бы не восхитился этим ароматом. Этот запах настоявшая история любви, которая захватывает каждого в свои объятия он обладает таинственной властью и это вы почувствуете сразу. Любовная история Аиды в этих духах заставит любого пасть от восхищения. Прохожие будут оглядываться  словно почувствовали любовь Богов.  Это истинная история любви с которой Aida Rose поделится и с вами.

AIDA ROSE PERFUME. LOVE STORY/Angel Aura Spell – Radiate Lovable Energy – Perfume For The Soul

Your aura or energy field is a colored emanation which encloses your human body. This ritual Parfume is conducted to tap into your auric energy shield in order to elevate frequency. Through this spell on Porfume I will tune the radiance of the luminous cloud surrounding you to you Angel meaning that of God Love.

The aureola, when enveloping the whole body, generally appears oval or elliptical in form, but occasionally depicted as circular, or quatrefoil.
When it appears merely as a luminous disk round the head, it is called specifically a Angel nimbus, while the combination of nimbus and aureole is called a glory. The strict distinction between nimbus and aureole is not commonly maintained, and the latter term is most frequently used to denote the radiance around the heads of saints, angels or Persons of the Trinity.

So this spell Porfume is truly a treasure as it elevates your aura to that of saints and angels.

100 ml


10 reviews for AIDA ROSE PERFUME. LOVE STORY/Angel Aura Spell – Radiate Lovable Energy – Perfume For The Soul

  1. Mary

    Got complimented today about the smell!!! SMELLS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! I will be updating about the works soon again!!! But SO far, it’s been giving me the ULTIMATE CONFIDENCE!!!!!!! And I’m getting LOOKS!!!!!!! Smiles and Stares!!! Let’s see if my target wants me more now!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Alina F

    Smells fantastic!

  3. Sarah Biernacki

    First off, this smell!! Omg. AMAZING! Everyone keeps stopping me and complimenting me. The best part is it smells like YOU. What I mean is it doesn’t smell like a perfume to me, after I spray (even my most expensive perfumes) they go away after a couple hours, and you can only smell them if I’m being hugged or someone’s close by. This perfume like becomes your pheromone ! When I walk past people they stop me, when I was checking a client out my coworker came up and was like oh smell so good! 10/10!

  4. Sofie

    shipped and arrived fast! I can definitely see what the reviews meant by the smell being enticing. It’s very enchanting smell! It draws you in for sure! I got extra boost of confidence putting this on, my new favorite perfume! I’ll keep this review updated when I wear it out for the first time!

  5. Jules

    Absolutely amazing!

  6. Kaia voss

    This came within the week and smells amazing. I bought 2 jars this time because I used up the first one so fast. And I Always get compliments from new and even the same people every time I wear it LOL it’s almost like they’re compelled to say how lovely I smell LOL witchy much? And guy or girl it doesn’t matter both genders seem to be rather drawn to the scent. A+++

  7. V Faria

    Wow!! I’m so happy with this beautiful mesmerizing scent. Highly recommend. Fast shipping and packaged very well. Thank you😊

  8. Debbie Flores

    The perfume itself is gorgeous. I love looking at it. I’m eager to see what kind of results this brings into my life! I already feel beautiful just wearing it.

  9. Delaina Maria

    My favorite one so far

  10. M H

    We absolutely love this perfume, as we do everything that I have ordered from Aida. Everything she sells is an absolute treasure, and she has so many unique items that you cannot easily find elsewhere. All items are excellent quality, and created with a great deal of care, thought and intent. Everything I order is always packed so well, and shipping time from Canada is very reasonable. Just as soon as I received this, order, I placed another one. I will surely be a customer for life.

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