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Талисман на Ключи Защита Благополучия-Благословение Дома. Limited Edition


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Талисман на Ключи Защита Благополучия-Благословение Дома.

Этот Талисман- оберег Благословение для дома надежный хранитель комфорта и благополучия его обитателей. В обереге одновременно сочетаются несколько сильнейших энергий: прилагается инструкция – Молитва , просящая даровать дому покой и здоровье, Талисман надежный защитник от сглаза и зависти. . Талисман очень сильный. Многие его уже очинили по достоинству. Работает в течении 1 года!

Инструкция прилагается для активизации! 

7 reviews for Талисман на Ключи Защита Благополучия-Благословение Дома. Limited Edition

  1. Melanie Stephens

    very happy with purchase, unique, rare amulet very lucky.

  2. Pavel Dolber

    Nicely made amulet and seller sent complete written instructions what to do and not do with it. Love it. Thank you 🙏

  3. Vanessa

    WOW!!! Nothing but amazingness in this page, absolutely one of the best I have ordered from. It’s GORGEOUS!!! I appreciate your time and kind words, they definetly touched my heart. This doesn’t only receive a five star rating, but a ten! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  4. Virginia

    I could feel the positive energy when unwrapping package. Nicely package and seller was very helpful with answering my questions. Thank you for the kind words

  5. Brianna Schmidt

    I knew from the moment I touched this amulet that I would be linked with it forever. Before I put this on, I had a very scary experience that left me with a lot of anxiety and bad vibes. The closer I got to my house the better I felt. And that’s because of this amulet. As soon as I wore it, after cleansing, I felt relieved. I definitely recommend this. The seller was there to help me with any of my questions and she was very nice. This comes with a card that explains a few things, too. Overall 10/10.

  6. Nadia

    Excellent seller and rare find hope it bring’s me good fortune.

  7. diana vivas

    We love order my siter and my daughter on beautiful

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